superMOPI – Toddler motorcycle and family favorite

Miki riding a superMOPI toddler motorcycle Buy a toddler motorcycle now!

superMOPI is a light-weight toddler motorcycle that kids as young as 18 months can ride, lift, and carry along.

  • From baby steps to speed racing –– teaches balancing and coordination
  • Steerable and fast –– that’s where the fun starts!
  • Compact and light (2.75 lbs) –– easy to carry, to moms’ and dads’ great relief
  • Safe, sturdy, durable –– will outlast your kids’ nonstop-riding toddler years
  • Ages 18 – 36 months (regular size)
  • Ages 2 – 3 years, up to 48 months (XL size)

“These toddler motorcycles allow free movement, enhance children’s coordination and gross motor skills, and kids love them very much. We have many of them in our facility and our pre-schoolers still fight to get on them, although most of them have one at home, too. In fact, many come to school riding it.”
– Director of pre-school in Budapest