Are you ready for the MOPI?

Buying superMOPI is a lifestyle decision.  Seriously.  Your family will cherish the “MOPI years” of fun and freedom if you consider these important questions and buy superMOPI when you are ready.

  • Can your toddler walk alone comfortably?  If you are still holding hands when walking to avoid falling, your child is not ready for the MOPI yet.
  • Can you imagine letting your child ride a distance all by herself without you holding the vehicle?  If you rather stayed in physical control, you are not yet ready for the MOPI.

If either you or your child (or both) are not ready yet, do not worry, the time may come when you both will – and in the meantime, you may want to stick to a stroller or toddler wagon for a little longer.

Now, if both you and your toddler are ready, prepare for the fun!

Vietnam memorial in Chicago with superMOPI
Venture into the wonderful world of superMOPI

Look back at the ride-on toys you had before the MOPI years.  Where were they most of the time: on turning wheels or in your garage?  Especially outdoor riding toys can end up in the garage soon for two reasons: either your child grows tired of them or you go tired of schlepping them after your child on the way home.

The superMOPI will bring you a welcome change. You will enjoy the stroller-free short walks to the playground, to the park, to preschool, to grandma’s.  Or just stroll in your suburb street – without a stroller.  You will appreciate the experience.  Especially if some stairs come in your way…  Or a narrow passage… Or a store around the corner with so tight spaces that you could never navigate it with a stroller.

Any time you need to enter a place for a quick drink, ice cream or an unplanned bathroom break, you can easily carry the mopi with you and do not have to worry about a stroller you left outside unattended.  Not to mention that without a stroller to push, you will have your hands free to eat the ice cream you just bought and even pick up your phone with your other hand – while walking on with your little rider.

Life is just so much easier with superMOPI and you and your child can become much nimbler navigators. Join this fun and free new lifestyle now…

Tame the “Terrible Twos”

Ever had trouble leaving the playground with your 2-year-old?  Now just mention that the mopi is ready to go and so will he.

As your mopi rider replaces passive travel time on a stroller or wagon with active riding, she is working out – so do not be surprised if suddenly she will need more food, drink, and sleep.

If you want to see more of the mopi benefits, get one for your toddler today and delight in the experience.

Travel with superMOPI

Have you ever carried a ride-on toy with you on a family vacation?  Did it fit in your trunk?  Or in your suitcase?  Or was it too heavy and bulky that it never crossed your mind?

I must warn you because we have received the same feedback over and over again from parents:  superMOPI riders cannot part from their MOPIs, not even on family trips.  It is their constant companion, just like their teddy bear.  The good news is that the MOPI is so tiny and compact that it fits in the smallest space and it is so sturdy that it will not get damaged when packed, stacked, dropped, or handled with little care.  So you really have no reason not to take it with you.

Fly with superMOPI

We have done it, it is great fun!  We flew over to California and the MOPI accompanied us all the way.  You can take the superMOPI as your toddler’s carry-on item on board, you do not need to check it in unless you want to.  In fact, our enthusiastic MOPI rider, Miki, rode all the way through check-in, security, boarding, even down the aisle to our seats.  People already in their seats were amazed – after all, it is not that common to ride inside an airplane.

Well, that’s a good thing, too.  If superMOPI becomes as popular in the US as in some European countries, chances are that airlines will suddenly change the rules to avoid turning the airports and the airplane aisles into race tracks swamped by MOPI riders…