Supermopi, LLC was founded by a superMOPI mom, here is her story.

When our two-year-old cruised the parks and streets of Chicago on his superMOPI, it was a show. As a proud and obviously very biased mom, I could have just thought I had a cute toddler (which of course the case) but that alone could not explain the sudden surge of attention he was receiving from passersby.All the amazed faces and rubbernecking that followed him indicated that it must be something beyond his chubby face and more likely related to his cool riding that earned him that reaction. Clearly, it was high time Chicagoans got to know the mopi better – and let their toddlers ride one, too.So we have brought the mopi to the US to delight American toddlers and those who love them. Coasting with superMOPI ride-on toy by Pritzker Pavilion

So what is MOPI?

MOPI comes from the word “moped” and is the short name for superMOPI.  It is a light-weight ride-on toy that kids as young as 18 months can ride, lift, and carry along. Builds muscles, gross motor skills, and stamina, promotes self-confidence and independence. Stands on three wide wheels so balancing is not a pre-requisite but will be developed gradually.As balancing skills develop, toddlers can speed up, race and chase each other, zigzag, and maneuver with legs in the air. Recessed back wheels make way for a comfortable, wide range of motion. Steering is an essential part of the superMOPI experience, makes it fun and challenging, and enhances kids’ coordination.


superMOPI kids


Riding the superMOPI is pure joy for toddlers but it also prepares them for a fast transition to a child bike without training wheels. Tiny, compact, and light, the superMOPI delights toddlers and parents alike – they will take it along wherever they go.  In Europe, toddlers ride it all the time to go to the playground, the park, to visit nearby friends and family, and even to pre-school – typically walking distance.  It turned out to be a fun and convenient umbrella stroller alternative, promoting a healthy, active life-style from this early age.

The superMOPI is truly one-of-a-kind and to see it for yourself, click on some of the video links.

Why is MOPI special?

With its tremendous appeal in Eastern, Western and Northern Europe for over a decade, superMOPI has proved to be the coolest and most popular toddler ride-on toy in its category.So much so that we created a new category for it: the MOPI is more than a…

  • ride-on toy – it is also your toddler’s first real chance to move around independently, pushing the mopi forward with those little legs on the ground
  • trike – its slim, recessed back pair of wheels make way for a comfortable wide range of motion without constraining toddlers to baby steps or straddling which is common in wider built trikes  (not to mention the difference when you need to carry it)
  • bike – unlike a bike, no pedaling is required and the mopi can stand on its own wide wheels:  little balancing is needed in “walking” mode, more balancing is needed in “running” and “coasting” modes – this way the mopi facilitates transitioning to a bike at an early age, before the 5th birthday
  • motorcycle – it has a third wheel for balance, a lower seat than toy motorcycles, and uses no engines (no electricity, no gas, no fuel emissions, very environmentally friendly indeed), for the youngest riders
  • scooter – no complex coordination is required, even an 18-month-old can sit on it and easily navigate the vehicle, pushing with feet on floor
  • moped – although the superMOPI name comes from “moped”, once your toddler gets a hang of it, the ride will resemble less and less an easy city cruise and more and more an enduro-like speed-race
  • wagon – cannot even compare the fun level of an active and a passive rider
  • stroller – being strapped to the stroller is no fun for an ever active toddler, especially compared to experimenting with his independence and learning his limits each step of the way

See category comparison table – click to enlarge:
Ride-on toy categories and superMOPI